Glunz Craft Catalog Cover


American Craft Catalog


This is a complete overhaul of the latest edition of American Craft Catalog. The floral pattern was inherited from the previous editions. Being dark and heavy, I wanted to pull back the pattern. So the patterned area is a single PMS color with a spot matte varnish. This makes the element more subtle while making the book more sophisticated.

Glunz Craft Catalog TOC

Table of Contents


Glunz Craft Catalog Spread

Page Spread

The decorative element used to be the full page background. It was moved to the top of the page to retain maintain consistency with other editions while allowing for increased legibility and setting off the state and brewery to allow for a “navigation element”. The brewery header  uses a cascading font size to allow for a quick glace or more indepth read. The layout was reorganized to show clear distinctions from beer name, style and abv. The product numbers and formats now include a upc separated into clear columns.


Glunz Craft Catalog Brand Ad

Brand Ad

This ad appears on the last page of the catalog and serves as a reminder of what makes Louis Glunz unique as a beer distributor in Chicago. I chose to focus on three virtues that separates Glunz from the competition and emphasizes the benefits of a small independent company.